Quick guide to identification requests

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It may sound obvious but these examples are based off real messages I've come across in the wild. It is already difficult to determine the identity of something based on verbal descriptions (customer support agents can attest to this) but it is also more frustrating when there is a picture that it isn't of much use. As some of us need help from visual guides from time to time (myself included), I've put together two examples for future reference.


Bad photoGood photo

Not plant​

Bad photoGood photo
Turning your flash on at night helps!

Even if you don't know how to describe something well a picture is a fantastic summary. Remember to try and take several photos and pick the best one that focus on the thing you're trying to find information about. For example, sometimes when trying to take picture of an insect the camera may end up focusing on the plant behind it, making the insect difficult to identify. Please don't use photos like that. :(
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