• Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth at Plant-A-Palooza! See you next year! -David

Introducing the events page and the online shop

I've been working on a couple of add-ons for the site over the last few months and after a bit of testing they're ready to go. Keep in mind that parts of these are quite early in their development and will evolve as I implement various features over time.
LeafGardens event booth

When was that again?​

My attention during preparation for events is mostly focused on the plants and the various logistics of getting them—and myself—there. Sometimes I forget to mention it so that you are aware, sometimes I even forget I have one coming up. The solution to this was the Event Manager (fancy official internal name) so that there is a single location where you'll find dates of any events where I'll have a booth set up, quick access to important information about the event if necessary, and link you to the venue directly for everything else. Essentially a lot of questions you may have about an event or venue should be easily answered within a click or two.

LeafGardens Event Manager beta 1 preview

There are plans to expand on the functionality of this including deeper XenForo integration for things like the alerts system and email notifications when new events are added and support for future LeafGardens-hosted events.

Virtual window shopping​

Let's get some shoes plants! A majority of my effort over the last several weeks focused on polishing off the online store so that, finally, the ability to purchase plants from me through the tubes of the interwebs is now possible.

LeafGardens Storefront beta 1 preview

Prices listed above are for testing only. This is not The Price is Right.

Storefront inventory item photo

Clicking on the image thumbnails will let you see plants in better detail.

Storefront home page Square checkout page Order confirmation page
Checkout process from checkout to order confirmation.

While I'm certain many of you are aware of how these things work, for the sake of transparency payments are processed via the API tools from Square. A number of other vendors you've come across at shows are likely using the chip readers from them or another similar company, this is just their online solution to accepting payments.

Long story short, all of your card information is securely handled on their site during checkout similarly to using your card in person. You’ll be redirected back to my site after it has processed and I don't have to keep track of sales and inventory in multiple disjointed places.

Storefront order history

This page is a definite work in progress. Much like my life.

Any orders you've placed in the shop will be easily viewable within your account at any time even if the shop is closed. This is certainly an area you'll see some visual improvements on over time but at least for now the basic information is there.

Storefront closed message

A gentle reminder.

If everything in the shop has been sold you'll be presented with the message written above. It's a small touch but you won't be left wondering if there's something in stock (or worse, be needlessly presented with an endless list of sold out items).

Order online, pickup offline​

At the moment you won't be asked for any shipping address during checkout as I'm not logistically ready to handle that yet but the shop will also be used for ordering plants before an upcoming event. This means you can relax and have more time perusing the other vendors knowing plants from LeafGardens are already on hold for you at the booth when you're ready to go. :cool:

The shop will open for preorders one to two weeks before an event and will close a few days prior to the event start date. During actual event hours the shop will be accessible but will mostly function as a listing of what is available for sale at the booth that day and sold on a first come, first serve basis.

If you have a LeafGardens account you also have the option of purchasing through the online shop at the booth as well, just let me know and I'll enable that ability on your account—this option is great for minimal contact for the transaction as you can order from your phone and have the purchase logged in your order history for future reference.

It gets beta!​

Over the next several weeks and months the Event Manager and the shop will be undergoing further development as I fix things you may not see and build things you have yet to see, all while the Botanical Encyclopedia slowly comes into existence in the background. If you'd like to be among the first private beta testers and provide constructive feedback on the first version of the Botanical Encyclopedia when it's ready, simply be a registered member on the site before the end of the year.

You do not have to buy anything from the shop in order to be part of that group.


As I wrote in the beginning of this post several additions to the site are under active development. I'll post an update for any major changes or new features for these add-ons or other projects when they're ready to be shared. Otherwise if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Until then, stay safe and keep growing! 🌱