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  1. David

    Introducing the events page and the online shop

    I've been working on a couple of add-ons for the site over the last few months and after a bit of testing they're ready to go. Keep in mind that parts of these are quite early in their development and will evolve as I implement various features over time. When was that again? My attention...
  2. David

    Simple method of repotting an Amorphophallus plant midseason

    It's preferable to let them spend the entire season in the same pot but sometimes they have too good of an early start to their season or if you're familiar with my past mentions of the smooth form of Amorphophallus paeoniifolius, you're growing a species that is quite prolific. For species that...
  3. David

    Quick guide to identification requests

    It may sound obvious but these examples are based off real messages I've come across in the wild. It is already difficult to determine the identity of something based on verbal descriptions (customer support agents can attest to this) but it is also more frustrating when there is a picture that...
  4. David

    Welcome to LeafGardens

    LeafGardens was the name I settled on in 2008 for one of a few projects I was putting together though what that specifically entailed continued to change and grow as much as I did until things felt right. It was this day three years ago that I decided to pursue this passion in full... and was...