• Preparing for 2022
    The effects of last year are still being felt in various ways all over the place, meaning many of the events planned for this year have been cancelled. Keep an eye on the LeafGardens instagram account for information on the various plants I grow and other (smallish) announcements. TTYL-David


June 28
Plant talk
Begins at 7:30pm
David will be speaking at this month's Tropical Fern & Exotic Plant Society meeting (located in the Garden House of FTBG) on cultivating Amorphophallus. The presentation will cover growth and development from seed to bloom, the vast array of colors and textures the genus displays*, and other tidbits of knowledge about this member of the aroid family. You won't need an onomasticon to follow the subject matter but an active imagination is always welcome. :P

* Sadly it is not currently possible to share smells through slideshow presentations.